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SDR104 on ayufan 0.7.7+ - XFer - 10-25-2018

Hello everyone!
After some lurking, I resolved to step into the fray Big Grin 

So, I have a shiny new Rock64 board, running latest linux ayufan minimal build (0.7.9).

My OS is on microSD, a Sandisk Ultra A1 16GB (92 MB/s tested with another Linux box).

I've noticed SD speed is quite low on Rock64 (about 21 MB/s in my case), because of DDR50 mode only (no SDR104).

But... in his 0.7.7 release notice, auyfan himself says he enabled SDR104 in Rock64 kernel: (search for "SDR104")
(I know Rock64 hardware does not support SD 1.8v signaling. I suppose he did a similar trick used on Raspberry PI: force the clock to 100MHz even if signaling is 3.3v instead of 1.8v. It works flawlessy on RPIs, I have 4).

I upgraded the kernel and the u-boot to the latest, as per instructions.

Now, what should I do to enable SDR104? Some obscure file/config/whatever to edit?

Thanks! Let's Rock this SD Big Grin