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SOPINE Hardware Info - ehrack - 10-19-2018

Hi there! 

I'm brand new to the Pine 64 world, but I have tons of experience with the Raspberry Pi and linux.

I'm working on a project involving the SOPINE, but I'm really having trouble finding the info I need. One of the biggest issues I'm having is that I don't know what voltage rails I have to supply, and what I don't. Is there a data sheet somewhere that provides all this info, as well as info about what busses are where, and their specifications?

I've found the pinout, but that really doesn't tell the whole story.

Thanks in advance for your help!


RE: SOPINE Hardware Info - dkryder - 10-20-2018

there are some schematic files on this page,

RE: SOPINE Hardware Info - gamelaster - 10-20-2018

Hi ehrack,

I already writing a User Manual / Datasheet for SOPine, but it's not ready yet. By looking SOPine, Baseboard schematics and A64 and AXP803 datasheet, you will find many useful information (mainly, look the AXP803 datasheet for powering).

As far as I researched, there is two ways of powering the SOPine:
- by DCIN pin, (check for ranges in AXP803, but verified is 5V), this pin is for directly powering the Power Management Unit, also for charging battery if preset
- by VBUS pin, powering from li-polymer or li-ion batteries

Just choose one, and the device should power up. (Please, verify everything with datasheets, I can't promise that I written upper is right, but it should be ).

Also, I did some tables with GPIOs and Pin Assignment, it may be useful for you:

If you will have any other questions, come to Pine64 IRC or Discord, and ping me => gamiee

- gamiee