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Is my board dead? [SOLVED] - duckkcud - 10-15-2018

Both Ethernet lights are solid. Power light comes on.

White light doesn't.

No power to USB drive.

Nothing on HDMI output.

Only used it a handful of times...

RE: Is my board dead? - evilbunny - 10-15-2018

I'm using debian minimal and the white led only kicks in when the image starts booting.

Has it worked in the past? if so what happened before it stopped working?

RE: Is my board dead? - duckkcud - 10-15-2018

I believe I'm a moron. lmao.

I thought I double, triple checked, but I downloaded....


I need:



+1 vote for a more obvious naming scheme.... perhaps a PREFIX of rock64/rockpro64 to separate the builds listed alphabetically...

>>Created an issue if anyone has anyone has any input: