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Erratic Trackpad - soupbowl - 09-21-2018

I can completely understand the issues with the keyboard. But, with a heavy hand or a slight modification it becomes a non-issue.

But does anyone else find the trackpad completely erratic?

Example, I'll try and move the cursor a couple of pixels diagonally. A precise finger movement causes the mouse to do a Torvil-and-Dean-level flick and twist, and end up further away than before.

Other times, I feel like I've suddenly turned into Edward Cullen as the trackpad flat out refuses to react to my touch, especially if you have sweaty hands. I try to use heavier movements, but I end up accidentally dragging my desktop icons into the recycling bin, or the application launcher.

Does anyone else find the trackpad absolutely unusable? I understand that there's no specific driver so it uses a generic PS2 input driver, but daaammmnnn there must be something better?! Currently using either a USB mouse or KDE Connect wireless input mode.