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HDMI, EDID and several other questions - Aeronaut - 09-15-2018

since my Odroid-XU4 died, I think about switching to ROCK64.

From my experience with the XU4 I have several questions related to the GPU hardware acceleration features of the ROCK64, since I want to run some kind of Debian distribution I think that this is the right Forum to ask. (Move / Correct me if this is more related to a General Discussion on ROCK64)

Is ROCK64's able to:
  • run RetroPi, EmulationStation or Retroarch, specially how does mupen64plus perform?
  • run Kodi with ALSA or Pulseaudio with working SPDIF-Passthrough?
  • use an external USB3 Harddrive as UAS and get SAMBA performance around 80 MiB/sec?
  • force the HDMI as always connected with a custom EDID binary?
  • are there also mali-x11, mali-fbdev, kodi, kodi-fbdev packages available or how is it managed?
  • how you compile Kodi/Retroarch, any forks or patches needed?
To the EDID thing:
My Beamer is not detected if in Standby-Mode, but I need to run Kodi with Beamers EDID data...
On the XU4 I got it managed by copying EDID data from sysfs while Beamer was switched on and detected on HDMI the following way:
(See )

$ cat /sys/class/drm/card0/card0-HDMI-A-1/edid > /lib/firmware/edid/ax200e.bin

and in the u-boot's ini (/media/boot/boot.ini):

HPD=false //forces HDMI as connected.