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UK PSU for rock64 - danboid - 08-19-2018

One of the main reasons I bought a rock64 was the promise of being able to play 4K videos yet I have so far not managed to go much longer than 5m of 4K video playback before kodi freezes or reboots my rock64. Before I attached a heatsink to its CPU it would struggle to last even 1m when playing 4K videos under kodi so now I presume it is my PSU at fault because no-one elseĀ seems to be having such issues with kodi.

I am currently using an atolla 5V/3000mA PSU (model BYX-0503000B) that I bought off Amazon. It seems to work OK but I don't have a multimeter or anything to check that it is actually supplying the claimed output. I would prefer not to order a PSU from pine because it costs a lot to have things posted from the US to the UK and also it seems that the PSU they sell is a US PSU that requires an adapter to plug into a UK mains socket. I would rather get a PSU with a UK plug that doesn't require an adapter, ideally.

If there are any UK rock64 users reading this that have a working 'native' PSU and can confirm you can use kodi to watch 4K videos for more than 10m (ideally I'd be able to watch feature length 4K films without any reboots or freezes) then please tell me the make and model of your PSU and where you bought it from.


RE: UK PSU for rock64 - danboid - 08-20-2018

I've ordered one of these, a KFD Universal 5V 3A Power Adapter

I'll report back after I've had chance to test it.

RE: UK PSU for rock64 - tllim - 08-24-2018

(08-20-2018, 12:21 PM)danboid Wrote: I've ordered one of these, a KFD Universal 5V 3A Power Adapter

I'll report back after I've had chance to test it.

10meter is a long cable and the voltage drop sometimes can make the ROCK64 board run in unstable stage. Please make sure that the power supply power cable is thick enough and has low resistor value to minimize the voltage drop.

RE: UK PSU for rock64 - danboid - 08-29-2018

I'm getting the same sort of results with KFD PSU as I was with the atolla so I've had to bite the bullet and order not one but 2 official PSUs (with UK adapters).

RE: UK PSU for rock64 - Mrfixit2001 - 09-04-2018

Just for point of reference, I like this PSU coupled with an adapter from microusb to barrel. It seems to provide the maximum supported power to the board. I've used the same on my RPI as well without the barrel adapter. I'm not sure if you can find it for the UK, however.