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virtual machine, arm host - kwarren - 08-06-2018

is there any virtual machine manager that will work on an arm host?
I realize that would probably mean arm client machines would perform much better if they were for arm architecture as well (implied)

virtual machine, arm host - hiccupstix - 08-06-2018

I've attached a couple PDFs relevant to your question. Both documents refer specifically to the latest ARM revision armv8.4. The short answer is yes, virtualization is possible. The first doc is the most direct response to your question, providing more or less a high-level overview of the differing hypervisors (KVM vs. Xen) you'll want to explore.

The second doc is only tangentially related to your question, but I think you'll find it interesting anyway if you're into virtualization. It explores Nested Virtualization Extensions for ARM processors (dubbed "NEVE" by the authors), which has some pretty phenomenal implications. Again, it's not so pertinent to your question, but it's a nifty read to keep on hand. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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