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Rock64 missing /sys/bus/platform/drivers/rockchip-dmc/dmc? - tocirahl - 08-03-2018

Hi I'm running ayufan's minimal debian on my Rock64.  I recently updated to 0.7.9 via apt-get install and now my /sys/bus/platform/drivers/rockchip-dmc/dmc directory seems to be missing?  Seems like maybe a missing driver or something like that?

The only things in my /sys/bus/platform/drivers/rockchip-dmc/ directory are "bind," "unbind," and "module"?

RE: Rock64 missing /sys/bus/platform/drivers/rockchip-dmc/dmc? - mcerveny - 08-03-2018

Ayufan is disabling/enabling this feature cyclically. Now is disabled by commit.

RE: Rock64 missing /sys/bus/platform/drivers/rockchip-dmc/dmc? - tocirahl - 08-04-2018

Thank you so much for the info!  This was driving me nuts.  I thought I had damaged the dmc or something.

Anyways, is this something that's enabled/disabled in the kernel, or the u-boot?