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WINE Support - Firesped - 07-31-2018

I'm very much a linux noob. I have played around with some RPi3s and I have a 3d printer that is running a pcdurino yocto linux OS with a QT user interface that very much sucks because the people who setup the OS did not do a very good job. There is no way to update that OS because they have all said tool removed.

figuring out how to get their program to run on other hardware inspired me to look into Raspberry Pis but they really are the hardware I think I need. This got me looking into other rock64 board and when I saw this one I decided to get this. The PCIe m.2 interface card is the main potential I see from this computer, allowing for a super fast unit.

I am looking at running experiments to see how this computer will work with windows games. this lead me to installing wine but since this is an arm64 processor, I need an emulator. This lead me to QEMU.

Could I install windows 10 on a m.2 drive and have QEMU launch that from inside ubuntu?

renamed the topic from QEMU windows 10 to WINE support.

messing around some around some more with wine. wine32 won't install. this may be because I am running the LXDE-arm64 image when I need to be running a armhf image.

RE: WINE Support - elatllat - 07-31-2018