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NetBSD for Rock64 - Luke - 06-20-2018


I am just relaying that NetBSD is now available for the Rock64. You can download their images from:
Many thanks to Jared McNeill

RE: NetBSD for Rock64 - ansic - 06-28-2018

It seems like there is no HDMI output working.

RE: NetBSD for Rock64 - jmcneill - 06-29-2018

(06-28-2018, 09:13 PM)ansic Wrote: It seems like there is no HDMI output working.

We don't yet have a native driver for the display controller. In these cases we can fallback to using a display setup by the bootloader, but this does not appear to be supported by U-Boot either.

RE: NetBSD for Rock64 - Luke - 07-25-2018

Added to wiki

RE: NetBSD for Rock64 - fmotsch - 01-14-2020

I'm using it for Postgres Databases. The reliability and speed is awesome. Maybe derived from the eMMC.