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Best OS for... - MichaelRock - 06-05-2018

Hi everyone,

as we have now plenty of OSes to choose from to install on our Rock64 board for doing one thing or another, and it's could be difficult and time consuming to pick the right tool for the task, I have thought of gathering OS to use and the purpose which suit them best.

A random example:

retrogaming/emulate N64 - Android x.y.z (+ link to image or a relevant thread) (+ if available other links with performance report)
kodi - raspbian X
NAS - dietpi Y.Z
FTP server - ...
and so on

So, based on user's experience and feedback, someone new getting "rock'ed" Wink  can , just reading the list, pick right away the very right OS and be happy with his/her new board, instead of searching for hours, pick one, have trouble installing it, then be disappointing because in this one, peripheral A or B is not yet handled well.

the "best" could be for performance, maintenance, easiness, power consumption, etc

Even for just testing the Rock64 without any actual usage, it's not that easy among all OS available. Myself I go on dietPi on SD in order to install Android on eMMC and try it for retrogaming (mostly CPC, Amiga and PSX would be a nice bonus)

What do you think ?
@Moderators: making it sticky, is that sound useful ?

RE: Best OS for... - Rocklobster - 06-05-2018

IMHO the best OS is one that works. Yes certain users have different requirements but the question you ask is like asking how long is a piece of string? In fairness to all the contributors here not every user will require the same from their system and there so there's no best OS out there

RE: Best OS for... - MichaelRock - 06-11-2018

As a little contribution, I can say dietPi + RetroArch IS NOT good for retro-gaming (summary: mostly configuration issues maskes it a waste of time for nothing)

RE: Best OS for... - Luke - 06-13-2018

Well, perhaps add a Poll to the original post so people can indicate which OS image they are using for which use-case?

As for Retrogaming, the Recalbox image is coming together nicely - beta later this month.