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Smart mirror software - SmartDIYTech - 06-04-2018

We are creating an Android powered touch screen smart mirror using the Rockpro64 single board computer and would like some feedback on features people would be interested in seeing. 

Which one or more of the following features would you find useful and/or interesting:
1) Multi user login with face recognition.
2) Google assistant with voice matching.
3) Event driven object recognition - for example: you could ask the mirror to let you know when your children have returned from school, or if an unauthorised user walks in front of it.
4) Pet interaction - for communicating with your pets whilst away from home.
5) A makeup overlay - a view of yourself in the mirror with configurable makeup overlayed on to your face.
6) Clothing overlay - wear clothes in front of the mirror so it learns the clothes, then when stood in front of the mirror in the future, the same clothes can be overlayed onto any user. - and as a bonus for businesses users, we could add pricing on screen for each item of clothing.

Thank you in advance - Smart DIY Tech

RE: Smart mirror software - Griffi30 - 08-02-2018


Also a Halloween mode would be nice.
Change into a Zombie, vampire (head and neck dissapear) ora ghostly apparation next to you?
Some ideas.