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monitor setting & keyboard issues - gpine1 - 05-27-2018

Hi There,

I am using the Debian stretch based image for the Rock64 and have run into a few problems.

1. I have a HD monitor but it is 1080i  instead of 1080p, things are not displaying correctly on my Rock64. Is xrandr the thing I need to use to get the monitor settings corrected in Debian Stretch ? Confused  I had some trouble with my raspi3 with this same monitor but was able to set the config file correctly but don't know how to do this using Debian stretch with the Rock64.

2. I hooked up a USB keyboard and mouse to the Rock64, the Rock64 will boot up but will not recognize any keyboard input, the mouse is fine. The thing is, this same keyboard works fine in all my other systems, a hackintosh, a Linux based system with Arcolinux on it, and my Raspi3 with Ubuntu Mate. So, I am confused as to why it doesn't work on the Rock64. Sad

I am pretty sure I can get this going but I need someone with more experience than I have with Linux to give some feedback on what to do. Probably simple changes I need to make somewhere but I don't see how to do this yet.


RE: monitor setting & keyboard issues - gpine1 - 05-27-2018

The details on the Debian Stretch version I am using are:   Rock64 4.4.77-rockchip-ayufan 136


RE: monitor setting & keyboard issues - Luke - 05-27-2018

Hi, please try the new release images and see if that solves your issue.