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canNOT boot after a normal apt upgrade - cooker - 05-23-2018

The latest upgrade push kernel 4.4.126 and crash Rock64 when reboot.

By using serial cable, there is a short moment that user can select to boot from the previous kernel (the lovely stable 4.4.77).  So, be claim, everything is still there, I believe.

Unfortunately, seems that there is no hope for pure ssh remote control boxes.

Anyway, any elite kind enough to post a know-how on how to change the default boot order specifically for Rock64 on this forum.

Thank you

p.s.  if possible, also a know-how to prevent the kernel from being updated automatically.

the 1st know-how

$ sudo vi /boot/efi/extlinux/extlinux.conf

change the 2nd line from
default kernel-latest
default kernel-previous

RE: canNOT boot after a normal apt upgrade - cooker - 05-23-2018

2nd know-how
tested work on a fresh burnt sdcard with 4.4.77

rock64@rock64:~$ sudo apt-cache showpkg linux-image
Package: linux-image

Reverse Depends:
Reverse Provides:
linux-image-4.4.77-rockchip-ayufan-136 0.5.15 (= )
linux-image-4.4.77-rockchip-ayufan-118 0.5.10 (= )
linux-image-4.4.77-rockchip-ayufan-104 0.5.9 (= )
linux-image-4.4.77-rockchip-ayufan-102 0.5.8 (= )
linux-image-4.4.71-rockchip-ayufan-77 0.4.12 (= )
linux-image-4.4.70-rockchip-ayufan-85 0.4.17 (= )
linux-image-4.4.70-rockchip-ayufan-83 0.4.16 (= )
linux-image-4.4.70-rockchip-ayufan-66 0.4.3 (= )
linux-image-4.4.70-rockchip-ayufan-62 0.3.7 (= )
linux-image-4.4.70-rockchip-ayufan-57 0.3.4 (= )
linux-image-4.4.70-rockchip-ayufan-55 0.3.3 (= )
linux-image-4.4.70-rockchip-ayufan-54 0.3.2 (= )
linux-image-4.4.70-ayufan-29 0.2.1 (= )
linux-image-4.4.70-ayufan-28 0.2.0 (= )
linux-image-4.4.126-rockchip-ayufan-227 0.6.41 (= )
linux-image-4.4.126-rockchip-ayufan-226 0.6.40 (= )

rock64@rock64:~$ sudo apt-mark hold linux-image-4.4.126-rockchip-ayufan-227 linux-image-4.4.126-rock
linux-image-4.4.126-rockchip-ayufan-227 set on hold.
linux-image-4.4.126-rockchip-ayufan-226 set on hold.

Run "apt upgrade" and you'll see that 4.4.126 is gone.

However, some people said this method induce instability due to rapid changes on all packages. So, you are warned.

RE: canNOT boot after a normal apt upgrade - zaflaucich - 05-28-2018

I can confirm that with the latest kernel update the system hangs at boot.
Getting back to previous kernel it runs again without issues.

That's a big issue though

On the other hand the hold command you wrote did not worked for me.

I set on hold the packages
at version 0.5.15

that avoid my kernel to be upgraded

I'm using the Xenial minimal image on SD