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3.5" HAT-style LCD available? - ElRobbo - 05-17-2018

I ran into a problem with my Rock64 recovering from a power outage recently, and had to unravel it from its installation, plug it into a TV and reboot it there to diagnose.

The RPis have things like these screens available, often with a nice case to go with.

Does anyone have any experience with those or others? The drivers for those seem to be pre-built binaries specifically for the Rpi, so I doubt it would work.


I suppose I could just download the drivers and try them, see if they barf w/out hardware attached...

RE: 3.5" HAT-style LCD available? - ElRobbo - 05-17-2018

So far, it's installing X.

I don't need X. I just want the console output.


RE: 3.5" HAT-style LCD available? - ElRobbo - 05-17-2018

Meh, doesn't work anyway.

RE: 3.5" HAT-style LCD available? - pfeerick - 05-18-2018

(05-17-2018, 08:49 PM)ElRobbo Wrote: Meh, doesn't work anyway.

I've tried one of those types of screen on a raspberry pi zero, and find them to be an absolute pain... I was able to get console output, but not X11, which is what I needed for a project. The SPI stuff seems too finicky, so I don't fancy your chances on the rock64. To start with you'd probably need to turn on the spi pins via an overlay, and then who else knows what needs tweaking with these random driver configurations the show35 installer seems to do...