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LTE Modem - niedoluk - 05-09-2018


do you have any experience with any LTE accesory? I am going to start project for automatical upload of photos into cloud from an open-air places and wonder what is the best way accomplish that. Some USB solution would do but some solution connected directly to some bus would be the best.

Thank you and wish you a nice day.

RE: LTE Modem - wombatus - 01-07-2019

I am also looking into LTE connectivity - I do have a RockPro64 (PCIe), a Telit LM960 module (mPCIe) and currently try to make them work together. First I tried to use a DELOCK PCIe Karte > Mini PCIe adapter (, but I dont see any device detected on the pcie bus.
I started with armbian stretch and a 4.4 kernel, but the card itself needs kernel 4.10+ - need to upgrade this too but not sure if this the root cause.