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Pinebook 14'' on sale - milkaca - 04-30-2018

Hi, I decided to sell my very little used 14'' Pinebook. It has one dead pixel, but I received it like that and it's very hard to spot it, I see it only during the boot on a totally black screen. Can ship world wide. Please contact me.

RE: Pinebook 14'' on sale - milkaca - 05-03-2018

My Pinebook has been sold today. This is the moment when I would like to say goodbye. Thank you all for a nice support and interesting journey especially on IRC channel. It was a pleasure to explore Linux distros on the Pinebook, although I was sometimes a bit frustrated because in my case things/needs didn't work as I was expecting. All best and wish you a loot of success in future.

RE: Pinebook 14'' on sale - Luke - 05-03-2018

All the best amilino !