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boot emmc, trying to access SD Drive - E.G - 04-13-2018

using Rock64/emmc64/Armbian_5.41_Rock64_Debian_stretch_default_4.4.115_desktop;
very easy to flash emmc with usb adapter and etcher,
everything works well, armbian comes with the Xfce desktop
tried a few wireless usb adapters, both worked straight out of the box, second one TP-Link Acher T4U, it has USB 3.0 interface, can watch youtube videos
one question I have is, since SD drive is not being used for booting, is it possible to access that drive? assume I would be sda? tried plugging in a card (with fat32) but not detected, thought it might auto mount;
can someone point out how to configure the sd drive so it will detect a card once inserted into sd drive, so I can read/write to it?