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Case - nkoeppel - 04-05-2018

Here's a 3D printable case I made for the H64.  It's not perfect but it works.
Free for anyone to use/modify/distribute.

.zip (Size: 34.05 KB / Downloads: 386)

RE: Case - Luke - 04-05-2018

Thanks. Include a picture in your post ?

RE: Case - tllim - 04-05-2018

With slight modification, this case can also apply to Rockpro64.

RE: Case - Pepe - 04-29-2018

please add this to so others can find it as well! Smile

RE: Case - nkoeppel - 05-16-2018

RE: Case - JGwinner - 07-10-2019

Oh, was hoping to use that, but it looks like it's a H64, not H64 "B".

Do you know if anyone has the "B" case? I may just modify a Pi case.