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Playing Videos - zet_lab - 04-04-2018

Cool  Yesterday I installed bionic Linux 0.6.31 from ayufan, then I installed the desktop mate, I tried to play the video and noticed that it is possible to watch the video with hardware acceleration only through the rkmpv, but it works only in fullscreen mode and it is impossible to roll it into the window. Are there any plans for further work to improve video playback ? Wink

RE: Playing Videos - Luke - 04-04-2018

Of course, this is just a pre-release. Also, Mate desktop works really poorly; I strongly suggest using LXDE. If you wan't to watch video's then use SMPlayer (check Pinebook tutorials section for a how-to get good 1080p playback).

RE: Playing Videos - zet_lab - 04-05-2018

Thank you for your reply Smile