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Video calibration pattern generator - dschlic1 - 03-29-2018

I would like to build a video pattern generator for calibration of TVs. One item of importance id the capability of outputting HDR10 images. I haven't been able to find any information on OS software and or application programming to do so. I know that the Rock64 is capable of outputting HDR10 metadata, but how to do so and what software is supported is unknown. Does anyone have any leads in this regard?

Thank You in advamce.

RE: Video calibration pattern generator - mcerveny - 03-29-2018

Static HDR/HLG is supported in 4k but only @30FPS until some problems will be solved in rockchip kernel code (no documentation available for this). I do not known application that fulfill your exact needs. Probably you can write some code Smile Check this and continue here. You need only DRM part and not MPP part.
  1. initialize and check parameters of DRM
  2. choose size and position manually (not from mpp decoded frame)
  3. allocate one (or more) DRM buffer and register as framebuffer (fb_id) (choose 10-bit format)
  4. map DRM buffer to memory and render your test pattern
  5. set manually (not from mpp decoded frame) static HDR or HDR/HLG metadata (EOTF+COLOR_SPACE+HDR_SOURCE_METADATA) and switch DRM buffer (fb_id) to output

Happy hacking !