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Solder on board - isegals - 03-29-2018

I just received my board and as I see there is some kind of solder on the bottom side under USB connectors, besides there is thin threads from this solder goes to the USB2 connector
I have not received power cord, so I can not test it, can anybody say is it normal? see pics
[Image: VID_20180328_134423_mp4_20180329_172843_297.jpg] [Image: VID_20180328_134423_mp4_20180329_172919_703.jpg] [Image: VID_20180328_134423_mp4_20180329_173003_590.jpg]

RE: Solder on board - Luke - 03-29-2018

Its clearly a manufacturing mishap.  Heres mine.

RE: Solder on board - pfeerick - 03-29-2018

Yeah, as Luke said, it's not normal... here's what the bottom of the pre-production rock64 looked like... (I don't have a pic hand of the v2 release rock64 handy, but it's essentially the same without the superglue Wink )

Bottom side pre-production rock64
[Image: 34554515204_9d985b36e6_z.jpg]