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Rock64 Starter Kit Help - chaust - 03-20-2018

Hi, I am planning to buy Rock64 4GB, I decided to opt for this because of the better speeds than the raspberry pi.

Would you think this a good starter pack for emulation and media center purposes? What else do I need, or what I don't need? 


[Image: R12fXbs.png]

RE: Rock64 Starter Kit Help - mikedhoore - 03-21-2018

eMMC for better speeds ? Smile

RE: Rock64 Starter Kit Help - Luke - 03-21-2018

(03-21-2018, 10:25 AM)mikedhoore Wrote: eMMC for better speeds ? Smile

... and a USB ->eMMC adaptor.

RE: Rock64 Starter Kit Help - easyfab - 03-21-2018

How will you power the rock64. Not sure usb to power will be the best thing to do. real 5V 3A POWER SUPPLY should be the best .

If you don't have an external hdd, eMMC could be a good option.

RE: Rock64 Starter Kit Help - Nelly - 03-21-2018

I recommend 5V 3A power supply, pine64 remote or another airmouse/remote, and dac if you want hifi audio. If you are using wifi I recommend adding RTL8812AU dongle, so far I have found it really good!

RE: Rock64 Starter Kit Help - pfeerick - 03-21-2018

All of the suggestions so far have been good.

Power supply - either get the one from the store, or make sure you have a good 5v @ 2A (min) USB power supply

Storage - eMMC (get the USB adapter while you're at it to make life easier) really is worth it... it will boot noticeably faster and be more responsive overall. I can't comment on the microSDs that pine64 stock, but I miss a chance to recommend Samsung EVO microSDs Wink ... they are thus far the most compatible, reliable and best-performing microSDs I have used to date, consistently so, and without costing an arm and a leg Wink

Networking - get the wifi adapter from the store as recommended if you need wifi

RE: Rock64 Starter Kit Help - Luke - 03-22-2018

About eMMC: its totally worth it if your use case requires USB 3.0 and you want to maintain the small footprint. Otherwise, you could just us a run-of-the-mill USB 3.0 HDD you've got kicking around for booting via SPI.

RE: Rock64 Starter Kit Help - S3phi40T - 03-22-2018

My starter kit:
- ROCK64 MEDIA BOARD COMPUTER DRAM: 4GB (more RAM = better, especially if you copy large files)
- ROCK64 / PINE A64 / PINE H64 Heatsink (one is sufficient, could be a bigger one but heat is not the issue for Roch64)
- ROCK64 USB WIFI 802.11B/G/N (RTL8188EU) (works out of the box - good addition if you need simple wi-fi)
- ROCK64 ACRYLIC OPEN ENCLOSURE (could be better - there are other options on Amazon)
- ROCK64 / PINE H64 5V 3A INTERNATIONAL POWER SUPPLY with AU, EU, UK, US PLUG (!!must have!! as it looks as they pick the barrel that fits perfectly into your Rock's socket. I had 2 boards, swapped power supplies and the barrel was lose so I had power loses/disconnects)
- 64GB eMMC Module (size is not important if you use OVM)
- USB Adapter for eMMC Module (!!if you use eMMC it's a life saver!! makes installation easy peasy)