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Monitor Display Resolution - Riverman - 03-19-2018

HDMI to standard computer monitor. 
The monitor native resolution is 1680x1050. 
Settings->Display selection is HDMI. 
Resolution list shows 1680x1050 as an option but if I click 1680X1050p-60 the screen goes black then comes back with no change. 
Always defaults to 1280x720p-60.

Monitor ViewSonic VA2226w
Native Resolution 1680 x 1050 at 60 Hz


Android 7.1.2 Stock Image [microSD Boot] [Rooted] [20171204]
Android TV 7.1 Community Build Image [microSD Boot] by ayufan

RE: Monitor Display Resolution - dkryder - 03-20-2018

your monitor is listed as dvi-d so you should be using a dvi-d to hdmi adapter? one issue with dvi-d to hdmi is the hdmi copy protection signal is messed up/not understood by the dvi-d monitor since at the time they were made that protection had not be in place. but another thing is there may be a config file that needs to be changed. you might want to join the chat and see if the devs can help you.

RE: Monitor Display Resolution - Riverman - 03-20-2018

Forgot the monitor has an hdmi to dvi adapter. My other monitor has displayport but no hdmi. Oh well gives me an excuse to get the Eizo monitor I have been lusting after. 

Cool  dkryder I owe you a beer