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[Solved] Open VPN +Wi-Fi hotspot - Debian - S3phi40T - 03-14-2018


I have combined 2 tutorials and managed to run hotspot that connects me via OpenVPN.

Pro Tips 
- verify Wi-Fi interface name as ROCK64 USB WIFI 802.11B/G/N (RTL8188EU) instead of default wlan0 gets wlx0013ef801932 so any references have to be changed.
- make sure your IP address pool do not collide with your regular DHCP - you don't want to get IP addresses collision. 

Sometimes I have to run my Xbox via VPN. I prefer to use Rock64 instead of Windows laptop. 
I don't take any credit for the tutorials content. I just confirm it works like a charm Big Grin

How to create Wi-Fi HotSpot:

OpenVPN (profiles for VyprVPN I use) + IP tables config:

RE: [Solved] Open VPN +Wi-Fi hotspot - Debian - S3phi40T - 05-01-2018

AP auto start:

sudo nano /etc/init.d/hostapd

Search for cfg line and add missing CFG Smile
It costed me few hours of research and few reflashes Smile