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booting a kernel over tftp - hibernick - 03-08-2018

Hi ,

I have configured u-boot on my rock64 to load boot scripts over tftp and it works well.
What I'm missing is a little understanding how to setup kernel boot over tftp.

I've got kernel image compiled using ayufan-rock64/linux-build repo.
It's there linux-build/kernel/arch/arm64/boot/Image shows that these addresses:
Quote:ffffff8008080000 t _head
ffffff8008080000 T _text
ffffff8008080800 T __exception_text_start
ffffff8008080800 T _stext
ffffff8008080800 T do_undefinstr

I'm not sure whether they are physical but u-boot doesn't use MMU

Can I use this kernel for booting over tftp or I have to use another configuration for this.
If yes then what load address and entry point should I use for mkinage:

Quote:mkimage -A arm64 -T kernel -O linux -C none -n 'Kernel Image'  -a $load addres -e $entry point -d boot-image linux-build/kernel/arch/arm64/boot/Image

What memory layout does rock64 have?
To be more specific, what is RAM start address?

Does it matter where I load kernel image in u-boot:

Quote:tftpboot 0x02000000 or  tftpboot 0x8000

Thanks a lot in advsnce