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Rock64 GPIO - Nak64Rbit - 02-23-2018

Hi There,

I have just received my Rock64 4GB board Smile . I plan to use this as a OMV dedicated machine. Since this board will run headless using Ayufan's stable release of the OMV image which I plan to install on the 16GB eMMC module, I would like to have a 16x4 lcd screen to monitor basic status of the board. 

Would anyone know if the GPIO is enabled by default or would I need to install the RPi.GPIO python module? 

Any help or advise from the community would be greatly appreciated.

RE: Rock64 GPIO - i69fstop - 03-09-2018

anyone has input on this? RPi.GPIO python module for Rock64?

RE: Rock64 GPIO - dkryder - 03-10-2018

i have not read any posts of a port being completed and available for download. there was a port for pine64 but not sure how much help for a rock64 port that would be. as far as gpio being available i'd say yes but that is a different issue than a gpio module.

RE: Rock64 GPIO - hryst - 04-03-2018

I stuck with change orange pi to rock64 to migrate the nettempsoftware (something like domoticz)
I'm also waiting/looking wiringpi for rock64.


RE: Rock64 GPIO - Leapo - 04-03-2018

I'm writing a clone of RPi.GPIO for the Rock64, which you can find here:

All of the basics are already implemented and working. Handling LEDs, buttons, PWM, etc. is already quite do-able.

RE: Rock64 GPIO - hryst - 04-04-2018

I found it after wrote the post