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Rock64 OS eMMC boot - ProfessionalDreamer - 02-19-2018

I'm very intrigued by the Rock64 and am on the cusp of a purchase.  I'm considering the eMCC addition but want to clarify on what OSs the Rock64 supports booting from the eMCC.  Is this page accurate in that the OSs with MicroSD boot mean only boot from MicroSD?


RE: Rock64 OS eMMC boot - xalius - 02-20-2018

You can boot almost any of the images from eMMC as well, at least for Android and Linux...

RE: Rock64 OS eMMC boot - ProfessionalDreamer - 02-20-2018

That's the answer I was looking for.  Thanks!  I've pulled the trigger.

Just for clarity, if nearly anything Linux based is eMMC bootable why do the images on the support wiki are eMMC bootable why the (microSD Boot) label?