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Will EPOLL C or PIGPIO C work on pine64? - dkebler - 02-15-2018

I write in nodejs exclusively and on RPI I use this library to control GPIOs
This module creates bindings to the excellent PIGPIO C library  here
and with it and this i2c bus module I can anything on the GPIO bus.

I am sure I can get the PIGPIO C library to compile but will it be compatible with the "Pi2" bus on the Pine64?
If so tada I can use my nodejs code directly from RPI to Pine64 without alteration (well except maybe for some pin number translations as pointed out in other posts????)

If PIGPIO C won't work the same dev has a library that uses EPOLL.
So the EPOLL C should compile but will it work with the PINE64 pi2 bus???

I'd much rather use PIGPIO C library as I have discovered it's much more robust than the EPOLL

What are my options here? 
I understand I can just write sysfs calls directly in nodejs but I've discovered that's not very robust.
One thing I definitely do frequently on the Pi is use pins as interrupts and that is easy with PIGPIO or EPOLL.  As far as I understand if only using sysfs then you have to manually poll the pin state in your code continuously (in nodejs that would be setInterval) looking for a state change (which is really not robust at all).