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PINE H64 Wiki page is up - tllim - 02-13-2018

Now you can access PINE H64 page from PINE64 wiki main page.

- released Pine H64 port assignment document

- released Pine H64 schematic

- the Android build original plan to release on this week but got postpone by Chinese New Year. The new schedule release data is February 23.

- the mainline headless Linux build already up and running, thanks to icenowy and xalius

RE: PINE H64 Wiki page is up - Luke - 02-14-2018

Thanks TL. I'll take the opportunity to remind everyone that the WiKi can be edited by all forum members. So if you find a mistake or missing information in any of the Wiki pages, then feel free to make an edit.

RE: PINE H64 Wiki page is up - tuxd3v - 03-27-2019


After the last FODEM great announcements,
I always was thinking about the date to release of the new PineH64 Board..
I would like to port an OS for it..  Shy