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No Sound from 3.5 audion Jack plug - Ludovic - 02-09-2018

Hi folks,

I'm facing a problem when I run the - Xenial Mate Community Build Image [microSD to eMMC] [0.5.15-136] - image on my newly received ROCK64: I have no sound out the 3.5 audio Jack.
I have tried mp3 files but also webradio through rhythmbox (when I ran the url I got an error message I haven't writen)

The plug is working, I checked with the Android 7 installation;

I have followed the instruction in the thread "" without success.

Is there another thread I haven't read about that?

I am surprised because the forum is solving most my configuration problems (the "S" to probem is very important  Smile ) but in this case no.

any idea to help?