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Rock64 and ALSA (Multichannel and HighRes) - tweeKpot - 12-29-2017

Hello, everyone!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I'm looking for a device for music streaming.
I'd like to output sound via HDMI port to my AVR.
Can anybody confirm, that HighRes and surround sound are output correctly using any of the supported distribution? Ubuntu/Debian, LibreELEC, Volumio?
Maybe someone can post outputs of aplay -l command, or even try to do speaker-test with different samplerates and channel numbers?
Does your AVR shows correct samplerate and channels? Are the channels mapped correctly?

I've tried such streaming using HDMI output of my HP ProBook 4530s with Ubuntu 16.04.
Installed upmpdcli and mpd and everything works as expected. AVR indicates correct sample rates and channel number with any source I throw to it. 44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192kHz, 2ch or 6ch.

I also have CubieBoard2 and Tanix TX5 Pro devices.
Both devices can only output 2 or 8ch, which is not perfect. I have to do channel assignments via asound.conf, and as a result sound is always output as 8ch.
RPi 3 cannot output anything higher, than 2ch/48kHz.

Rock64 is my last hope to have small small music network streaming device =)

Thanks for your help!