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Building a Hybrid RC car - jousley - 12-01-2017

Hi All, 

I bought my Pine64 before release but have neglected it since so in need of some help. I am after some initial pointers and tips as I aim to build a Hybrid RC car. 

Any advice would be useful, software to use, potential issues, anything and everything... open chat. I'm comfortable uploading and booting software but something like this is me jumping in at the deep end so looking for a bit of direction. 

Many thanks, 

Big Grin

RE: Building a Hybrid RC car - shockr - 12-10-2017

I'm working on a project similar to this. I was supposed to be done a while ago, but I got sidetracked with a number of things. Although the ultimate goal is to make the car autonomous, I'm also covering how to accept input from a gamepad in order to control movement and navigation. I pretty much have all the parts I need to make it work. I'll try to document as much as possible as a I go along, and perhaps even record videos if I am able to.

I've just recently made a couple of blog posts regarding input handling, with one more in a few days which will cover event handling.

RE: Building a Hybrid RC car - dkryder - 12-10-2017

dang, shockr, those are a couple of well written, informative posts. thanks for sharing. this ros build for pine64 might be worth taking a look at.

RE: Building a Hybrid RC car - Luke - 12-11-2017

Indeed shockr, those are really well written up posts, think you could add them to the Wiki (once I am done with the tutorial section)?