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RE: System LED - utdrmac - 04-25-2016

I think he's referring to this LED. Can it be accessed from CLI?

[Image: Pinepowerled.jpeg?dl=1]

RE: System LED - jproffer - 05-04-2016

they're talking about this LED connector.

RE: System LED - utdrmac - 05-04-2016

Ah. I didn't see that connector. Well heck! Now I want access to both! Big Grin

RE: System LED - martinayotte - 05-04-2016

Did you look at the schematic ?
The D12 seems to be hardwired to powerline ... Tongue

RE: System LED - JamesHarris - 06-03-2016

Running the leny debian 8 image I measured the system led points to be a 600 millivolts. So it looks to be powered on.

RE: System LED - pfeerick - 06-03-2016

(06-03-2016, 04:36 PM)JamesHarris Wrote: Running the leny debian 8 image I measured the system led points to be a 600 millivolts. So it looks to be powered on.

Hm... 0.6v shouldn't be enough to make a LED light... they usually want between 2.1 and 3.2 volts depending on the type of LED. I soldered leds onto mine, and the system led isn't lit up at the moment. I don't have a lithum battery on my pine64 atm, so there's no reason reason for the charge led to light (which it isn't).

RE: System LED - Miguel Campos - 07-01-2016

So. finally anyone has a clear idea of what the txo connectors marked as LED +- which are between the audio jack and the power button are for?
and also I would like to install the two leds which kind of leds should I buy?

RE: System LED - xalius - 07-01-2016

The right (yellow one in this case) one is the charge led and is connected to the PMIC, the other is connected to a GPIO and you can do whatever you want with it. If you look at the schematic you will see that the resistors are set for a current of about 5mA...


echo 359 > /sys/class/gpio/export
echo out > /sys/class/gpio/gpio359/direction
echo 0 > /sys/class/gpio/gpio359/value

To turn the LED on for example.

RE: System LED - MarkHaysHarris777 - 07-01-2016

Here is mine.

I will also point out that the sys LED pictured is 'reversed' logic... so, we're providing a ground shot to the LED-- when the value is 1 the LED is off, when the value is 0 the LED is on. 

The GPIO(s) can either source or sink... so they can be wired either way... this one is wired sink (ground shot turns on).


RE: System LED - MokaMx_GDL_DE - 07-05-2016

I was wondering the same.. and Probably was to expensive to put them. cost saving 2 leds on each board is a bunch of money.. LOL... and one button for free instead of dealing with wave soldering problems is also charming!!..