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Android 6.0.1 (PINE A64-LTS / SOPINE) - pineadmin - 09-29-2017

Android 6.0.1 (PINE A64-LTS / SOPINE) 20170726

RE: Android 6.0.1 (PINE A64-LTS / SOPINE) - Cemb - 09-30-2017

(09-29-2017, 12:51 AM)pineadmin Wrote: Android 6.0.1 (PINE A64-LTS / SOPINE) 20170726

Got it to work. How can I change the UI resolution from 1024x600 to 1080p? Thanks.

RE: Android 6.0.1 (PINE A64-LTS / SOPINE) - kistner - 02-15-2018

I was able to get this up and running but have a couple questions

Are there instructions for getting Netflix on here? I saw some for the 64+, would that apply for this board as well?

Go90 and Hulu apps work as hoped, but I am getting some static in the sound. Is this normal? I am pulling sound from the hdmi.

I will admit I am new to this board so I am not sure what, if anything, from the 64+ board applies to this one.
I appreciate any help. Thanks

RE: Android 6.0.1 (PINE A64-LTS / SOPINE) - kistner - 02-16-2018

I figured out how to load Netflix. If anyone finds this with the same question you can go to the Netflix site and install the app from there.

Still wondering about the static I was getting from Hulu and Go90. In general the sound isnt as good as desired. I did not notice this on Netflix.

Thanks again.

RE: Android 6.0.1 (PINE A64-LTS / SOPINE) - wombat - 12-30-2018

Been running Android 6.0.1 on a recently purchased PineA64 LTS , burnt with Etcher in Manjaro Linux using the dd 32gb image from the main page on a Patriot v10 micro SD.
Connected to a 40inch flatscreen via hdmi @1080p and a usb mouse, ethernet connection and powered via cable to usb2 on the pc. Initially  used a 2.1 amp Samsung charger, however, had no problems with the lower amperage usb2 connection with the added advantage it boots up with the pc.
Followed the advice not to have anything connected on initial startup particularly the ethernet cable.

Initial problems- The 64 gb kingston micro sds came up with 'insufficient space' in etcher for the 64 dd images and smaller images failed to boot.
                          The first screen to appear, some google request? needing a touchscreen input ......reboot and was gone with android starting.
A 40inch screen and google's play store keeps the kids amused.