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Bliss OS - Pine a64+ - rwaterspf1 - 09-05-2017

[Image: qGAeJ3y.png]

[Image: nzsZTTY.png]

Team Bliss is pleased to present to you
Bliss 7.3 - Pine A64+

Although it might not act like it, this should be considered a beta build.
!!You are responsible for your own choices from this point forward. Please read the instructions and understand them before continuing!!

SDCard Install Instructions:
  • Insert your Pine SD card into your PC
  • Download the latest img.gz file from  from your linux or windows PC.
  • Then, using the Pine64 Installer, select Image, then browse to the downloaded img.gz file, and select that.
  • Select the proper SDcard location, followed by the Flash button. Then wait for it to flash and validate.
  • Finally, insert the SDcard back into the A64+, and power on. You should see a few seconds of black screen leading into the boot animation.

Confirmed Working:
  • Wifi
  • BT
  • video playback
  • Substratum
  • Root
  • Bunches of other stuff .
  • HDMI video @1080p and HDMI audio

Not Working:
  • SuperSU will update, but not boot afterwards, so just don’t update.  
  • Whatever I missed in my testing

Setup Instructions:
  • After the bootanimation completes, you will see a Android Starting progress bar on the screen. For speed sake, let’s wait till that finishes doing it’s thing. Then swipe down from the top, and select WiFi, and connect to your network.
  • Next, swipe down from the top status bar again, and you should see a dialog asking to setup a backup account. Select that, and sign into your Google account.
  • Finally, hit the Home button, and select your launcher (Select Google Now launcher for the traditional Android UI, or select Taskbar for the more desktop like, Freeform Windows based UI)

Credits: Ayufan and others for their wonderful work on Android 7.1 for PINE64, plus all the members of Team Bliss.

If you'd like to check out more of our work, please visit

A Class 10 sdcard is highly recommended

RE: Bliss OS - Pine a64+ - tllim - 09-06-2017

Thanks, I will try out today.

RE: Bliss OS - Pine a64+ - mesaxi - 09-07-2017

Based on the HDMI not working and the multiple references to a screen, I take it this works with the LCD hookup?

RE: Bliss OS - Pine a64+ - rwaterspf1 - 09-07-2017

it works fine on my HDMI monitor, even has audio though the HDMI. I don't have an lcd to hook up to it. The hdmi comment in the OP was for the pinebook.

updated the OP, sorry for the confusion

RE: Bliss OS - Pine a64+ - electrikjesus - 09-07-2017

When I stated the HDMI not working like it does in Linux, what I meant is that multiple screens will only mirror, no extended displays

RE: Bliss OS - Pine a64+ - Math43 - 09-23-2017


Is this release working this pine LCD ?

RE: Bliss OS - Pine a64+ - mcrognale - 10-04-2017

(09-23-2017, 04:00 AM)Math43 Wrote: Hi,

Is this release working this pine LCD ?

Nope. I just tried it. It does output the HDMI port. Waiting for the boot process to finish and will check to see if there's a setting to activate the LCD.

RE: Bliss OS - Pine a64+ - jkmooney - 10-07-2017

[quote pid='32569' dateline='1507393262']

(10-07-2017, 08:00 AM)jkmooney Wrote: Giving it a try now, looks like first boot takes a little while but appears to be working thus far...

Got an error message on start but, after ignoring it, android booted up OK.  Outputting to my 40" LCD TV via HDMI and it's not matching up.  There's probably a setting for 720 vs 1080 but I've not found it yet.  Since the outside of the desktop is truncated, it may be that I can't see it.

Ok, was able to adjust my TV display for that HDMI input and everything fits on-screen now.  Netflix isn't working, but perhaps I set superuser (root).  I'll try turning it off..
Netflix had to be side loaded, but it's working, next step is get bluetooth working...

Ok, can't seem to get bluetooth to discover my headphones.....

UPDATE: Looks as though WiFi needs to be enabled. Appears to be a matter of directimg power to the WiFi/Bluetooth add on card

RE: Bliss OS - Pine a64+ - jkmooney - 10-09-2017

Ok, one minor squawk. Using this with a remote touchpad/keyboard with my TV as a monitor. Tried to set up an "Admin" User and "TV BOX" user. To do that, I needed to enable locking. The "Swipe to Unlock" is not working very consistently. Takes several tries to get it to accept (and I even tried different mice and trackballs to see if it would help.). In the end, I had to disable locking because it was too frustrating to get it to work. Could you implement an alternative way to unlock for "Desktop-Like" use? Say "CNTRL-ALT-DEL"? ; A function Key? ; or some other method besides "swipe"?