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Eth0 dhcp issues - LTronic - 08-27-2017


Pretty often at boot time my eth0 does not get an DHCP address assigned.
I have to play with

sudo dhclient
sudo ifconfig eth0 down
sudo ifconfig eth0 up

between 2 and 5 times to finally get network configuration from DHCP server.

Is it a known issue on Linux (happens on most images I have tested) ?
I have seen a similar thread on Android.

Well at least since latest ayufan fixes (0.5.1 images) we always get the same MAC address Smile

RE: Eth0 dhcp issues - ayufan - 08-29-2017

I'm seeing the same problem on production board. It does not happen on pre-production Smile

RE: Eth0 dhcp issues - rhille - 08-29-2017

Since yesterday I've booted my sbc 51 times and did not encounter this issue once.

My current setup is:

Rock64 4GB
Ethernet eth0 connected to router which offers dhcp service
MicroSD and emmc plugged in but only SD used (ayufans 64bit mate image v0.5.4 installed)

No mouse, keyboard and monitor connected - working over ssh terminal.

Hope that this helps to identify the cause of the problem.


RE: Eth0 dhcp issues - LTronic - 08-30-2017

I have mitigated (fixed ?) the issue by disabling IPv6.

RE: Eth0 dhcp issues - ayufan - 08-30-2017

Hmm, I'm not seeing it too. It was a false alarm.

RE: Eth0 dhcp issues - gene83 - 09-24-2017

(08-30-2017, 02:45 AM)LTronic Wrote: I have mitigated (fixed ?) the issue by disabling IPv6.
And how is that done? I'm out in the sticks, 100 miles from the nearest ipv6 capable port.