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Survey - Dead Pixels - MiningBrutus - 08-12-2017

I was curious about the frequency of dead pixels on the various Pinebook models... Would anyone care to share their experiences?

Mine is a 14" and came with 1.

Note: Definitely not putting Pinebooks down.. These are sweet machines

RE: Survey - Dead Pixels - Wizzard - 08-12-2017

1 dead pixel on my Pinebook 14"

RE: Survey - Dead Pixels - MarkHaysHarris777 - 08-12-2017

no dead pixels on my 14" pinebook.

RE: Survey - Dead Pixels - tllim - 08-13-2017

The LCD panel manufacturer guarantee that less than 20% delivered panel has bad pixel. We insist using "A" class stock LCD panel even cost much higher.

RE: Survey - Dead Pixels - Luke - 08-13-2017

14in - no dead pixels, 11in - 1 dead pixel (black - so no real issue).

RE: Survey - Dead Pixels - gr4n0t4 - 08-14-2017

One dead pixel here, no to much trouble because it is not a centered one, but stills annoys me

RE: Survey - Dead Pixels - guidol - 08-14-2017

how did you check this?
At normal use I didnt see any dead Pixel on my 14" Pinebook

RE: Survey - Dead Pixels - MarkHaysHarris777 - 08-14-2017

(08-14-2017, 10:25 AM)guidol Wrote: how did you check this?
At normal use I didnt see any dead Pixel on my 14" Pinebook

Normally, you can't tell if you have a "dead" pixel, unless you have a screen scanner, and you turn the pixels ON|OFF one by one recording which of them work (or not) and at what color(s).  Most people don't do this of course;  usually when someone complains of a "dead" pixel its because the pixel is stuck on (usually bright) in some obscure part of the screen making itself annoyingly obvious.  If it were truly "dead" and never lit, you'd probably never ever notice it because of the over-abundance of working pixels...

RE: Survey - Dead Pixels - daid - 08-14-2017

Actually, I've had a half-dead pixel on a 1024x768 monitor. The green part would do ~50% brightness, the red/blue was fine. It was quite visible from time to time, but not annoying. Used that monitor for a long time.

A permanent bright pixel is rare, but happens, I've seen it once, and it's quite bad, as it always catches your focus. I wouldn't be too happy if my pinebook had that...

RE: Survey - Dead Pixels - k_mp - 08-15-2017

Mine has a single green pixel in the middle of screen which pisses me off :-(