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No boot on any Linux image :/ - oxomoxo - 08-11-2017

Hello there,

I'm desperately trying to boot-up a sopine+board that I just received ... NO success so far :/

I'm trying to install xubuntu mate originally but ended trying all Linux images : xubuntu, armbian, opensuse ...
All have the same behavior : the two leds light up shortly (there's a slight increase of luminosity at ~500ms) then goes off after about 1.5 second and nothing happens.

The only thing connected so far is the screen (1396x768 via HDMI), when I disconnect the screen the leds stay up a little longer (say 4.5 sec) but eventually goes off as well.

Using etcher on a 64Gb card from sopine.

I guess I need some proper guidance here ... 
Thanks for any tips that could lead to a boot Big Grin

RE: No boot on any Linux image :/ - Luke - 08-11-2017

Hmm, what PSU are you using ?

RE: No boot on any Linux image :/ - oxomoxo - 08-11-2017

Hi Luke thanks for your replies.
I'm posting our IRC conversation for the record.

So if anybody has a clue of what's going on :

[16:59] <&lukasz> oxomoxo: saw your post. What PSU are you using ?
[16:59] <&lukasz> what is it rated at ?
[16:59] <oxomoxo> 2A as required ... :/
[17:00] <&lukasz> ok, 2.5A would be better but this shouldn't be the issue
[17:00] <&lukasz> where did you get the images from // did you use the Pine installer ?
[17:00] <oxomoxo> .. ok I take note ..
[17:01] <oxomoxo> the images come from here
[17:01] <oxomoxo> Do you have a better source ?
[17:01] <&lukasz> I suggest you use the pine installer
[17:01] <&lukasz>
[17:01] <&lukasz> ^
[17:02] <&lukasz> this will streamline the download and installation process
[17:02] <&lukasz> and ... will check whether the image flashed correctly
[17:02] <&lukasz> its available for all platforms so no matter what youre using you'll be able to use it
[17:02] <&lukasz> *what OS you're using
[17:02] <oxomoxo> I used etcher and it tests also seems there was no problem with the 'etching' ..
[17:03] <&lukasz> interesting
[17:03] <oxomoxo> I'l check any ways
[17:03] <&lukasz> yea
[17:03] <&lukasz> huh
[17:03] <&lukasz> well
[17:03] <&lukasz> then, are you sure the SoPine module is correctly set in the base board ?
[17:04] <oxomoxo> Yep I set it up correctly and "frictionned" a little at insertion to make sur the contacts were ok (same goes for the sd)
[17:06] <oxomoxo> Dlding pine installer .. get back to you in a mn ..
[17:11] <oxomoxo> pine installer only offers images for pinebook :/ ..
[17:12] <oxomoxo> reflashing armbian on SD .. validation OOK !
[17:13] <oxomoxo> Same symtoms :/
[17:13] <&lukasz> well
[17:15] <&lukasz> faulty SD ?
[17:15] <&lukasz> did you try multiple SDs ?
[17:16] <&lukasz> if not, I think you'll need to dump the boot log (if one exists)
[17:16] <&lukasz> or use uart
[17:16] <oxomoxo> I only have this one but looks to be ok ... It mounts correctly ..
[17:16] <&lukasz> k
[17:17] <oxomoxo> I mean on my linux laptop
[17:17] <&lukasz> yea
[17:17] <&lukasz> figured
[17:17] <oxomoxo> :P
[17:17] <&lukasz> I dont have a sopine available at hand so cant really check right now
[17:17] <&lukasz> maya - ideas ?
[17:17] <&lukasz> maya is resident SoPine expert ;)
[17:18] <oxomoxo> Sounds he has a brand new bed to thoroughly test :P
[17:18] <&lukasz> SHE does
[17:18] <oxomoxo> mh sorry :)
[17:19] <oxomoxo> I appreciate help either ways !!
[17:20] <&lukasz> well, the most obvious thing to test out first would be tryin a different SD
[17:20] <&lukasz> in general, these are the most likely culprits: 1) poor PSU/ thin cable; 2) fake or broken SD; 3) incorrectly flashed image
[17:21] <oxomoxo> I noticed that if I disconnect the HDMI cable the leds take a little longer to turn off (about 4.5 secs)
[17:21] <&lukasz> could you link the PSU - take a picture of it ?
[17:21] <&lukasz> is the cable attached or are you using a separate cable ?
[17:21] <&lukasz> *attached to the charger
[17:22] <oxomoxo> SD looks OK, image flash can't do any better than using provided image and recommended flashing software ... sound like a psu problem ?
[17:22] <&lukasz> yea
[17:22] <&lukasz> could be
[17:22] <oxomoxo> I'll try another one .. 2mn
[17:22] <&lukasz> there are utilities to test the SD card
[17:22] <&lukasz> kk
[17:25] <oxomoxo> Do you have one specific in mind ?
[17:26] <&lukasz>
[17:26] <&lukasz>
[17:27] <&lukasz> oxomoxo: you can read:
[17:29] <oxomoxo> .. other PSU tested, same results :/
[17:29] <oxomoxo> I'll try to find a utility on linux .. I got my SD from Pine, I suppose it's not fake, faulty at worst
[17:31] <&lukasz> did you get your SD from Pine ?
[17:33] <oxomoxo> Yep I ordered it with the sopine+board
[17:36] <oxomoxo> Well .. so far no joy :/
[17:37] <oxomoxo> Thanks for your help @lukasz
[17:38] <oxomoxo> I may try to get in touch with maya later ..