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Noob help installing Flash - shoult - 08-07-2017

Yep. I'm a Linux noob for sure. I bought a Pine64+ 2GB (No Wifi/BT and using HDMI for video) for a project here at work. My problem is that the project REQUIRES Flash. I had no idea that Linux and Android both made it so difficult to simply install Flash. Can someone here point me to directions on how to install Flash on the Pine64+ version of Ubuntu-Mate? Since Firefox is already installed in the Pine64 version (Xenial Mate [20161215] built by PINE64)? it would be most helpful if the directions are tailored to that.

Or is there another version of Linux that has Flash pre-baked?


RE: Noob help installing Flash - Luke - 08-07-2017

To my knowledge there is no flash for armv8 (I might be wrong?). Also, flash is pretty much dead so if its not available then my bet is that it will never be.

RE: Noob help installing Flash - xalius - 08-08-2017

Flash has been officially scrapped by Adobe now and they have long ended proper support for Linux. Anyways, this is not 1998 anymore and there have been better web technologies around for about 10 years now...

RE: Noob help installing Flash - MarkHaysHarris777 - 08-08-2017

(08-07-2017, 02:35 PM)shoult Wrote: My problem is that the project REQUIRES Flash. 

Really ?

... why ( no, its an honest question, I´m just currious )

From the Adobe wiki:

In July 2017, Adobe announced[15] that it would end support for Flash Player in 2020, and continued to encourage that open HTML5 standards be used in place of Flash.[16][17]

Make your project manager aware of HTML5;  

RE: Noob help installing Flash - shoult - 08-08-2017

Yeah, I know Flash is dead. I've been a big proponent of it's death for nearly 15 years. But we have a line of business app that requires it. We have talked to the vendor and they have no interest in updating their software. So.......

I guess for us the SoC experiment is dead. I guess I'll repurpose this Pine64 for something else although I don't know what.

RE: Noob help installing Flash - sheeponmeth - 10-20-2017

You can try using Chromium as a web browser as it contains an open source implementation of Flash that actually works well. It's what Google created to allow ChromeOS users to play flash enabled web content.