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eMMC ? - stuartiannaylor - 08-07-2017

Just a thought but just ordered a rock64 4gb + PSU & 32GB eMMC module.

Usually I use a SD card and basically just copy the image via a card reader and hey presto.

Whilst I am waiting for delivery I am wondering how do I get the image onto the eMMC?

Never had a SBC with eMMC so a total noob question Smile

RE: eMMC ? - MarkHaysHarris777 - 08-07-2017

(08-07-2017, 09:58 AM)stuartiannaylor Wrote:  I am wondering how do I get the image onto the eMMC?

The easiest way is to boot to the SD card, gnu+linux image, and then use the "curl" command to copy the image directly from the network to the eMMC !

It is documented elsewhere on this forum (several times) but essentially:

1) boot SD image by using the jumper (two pins next to the recovery button)

2) stop the uboot at the timer

3) remove the jumper

4) enter  "boot" without the quotes

5) logon and use the appropriate "curl" command to download the image to the eMMC

RE: eMMC ? - Luke - 08-07-2017

Further to what Marcus said. There is an easy way to flash ayufan's android TV build granted you are using a Linux machine. Although fire219 said he'll work on a Windows version of his utility. 

Moving discussion to Rock64 general.