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Turning it on.... - Mbarton84 - 03-23-2016

So......  How exactly do you turn the thing on? Is it supposed to turn on by itself when you plug it in or am I supposed to solder on a power switch? I can't find any info anywhere on that or any videos of people actually turning one on. Help would be appreciated!!

RE: Turning it on.... - janjwerner - 03-23-2016

Plug in the microUSB cable and voila board will come up online. Make sure to use decent power supply (5V, 2A) and good cables (e.g. 20AVG). If you want to solder power switch check out the thread:

RE: Turning it on.... - joey - 03-23-2016

Just a heads up, it won't do anything except light up the LED unless you have a microSD card installed with a bootable system OS written to it. It's not like a normal computer where you'd see BIOS information and a warning that there is no disk available to boot from.

RE: Turning it on.... - Mbarton84 - 03-23-2016

I knew I could count on the help of the masses, thank you!

RE: Turning it on.... - Flintols - 04-04-2016

I wanted to add that I tried this with a 800mA charger (that I used for cell phone charging), It at first looked ok, but when it went to start loading the software, the power light went out. Once I hooked up a 5v2A charger and had the HDMI connected straight to my monitor, it brought up the Pine logo without problems. It does take some time to load though, so be patient and you'll see the loaded screen.