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Background Video Conversion - connorja - 07-09-2017

At present my pine64 2gb board is working a treat for a nice intranet, cloud and plex media server. The only gripe I have is .avi files can't be played via the pine to my firetv stick as it hasn't the oomph to transcode on the fly. I am looking for something I can load onto the pine to run on schedule to convert .avi files to mp4 etc to be playable.

Does anyone know of anything and have experience with said thing?

RE: Background Video Conversion - pfeerick - 07-09-2017

Without doing any searching to find any ready to install or nearly ready to run stuff, I would be thinking about a cron task that runs a script which uses ffmpeg to do the conversion based on files located in a particular path perhaps?

RE: Background Video Conversion - connorja - 07-10-2017

Hmm not a bad shout. I'll take a look at ffmpeg and see what I can solve with it. I'll post my findings here