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Issues booting remixOS image - remi - 07-05-2017

I have sucessfully booted android 7.1 from an external sdcard (after decrompressing the 16gb sdcard boot image using etcher), just by inserting the SDcard in the reader port and powering up the laptop, without even removing the internal eMMC which contains ubuntu MATE that came from the factory.

However I cannot get the remixOS image, decompressed to the same SD card using etcher, to boot. Upon powering up the laptop, the power led just blinks forever and nothing happens. I have tried to activate the special boot mode by pressing the power button repeatedly right after powerup with no success.

Is there anything I am missing ?


RE: Issues booting remixOS image - amilino - 07-05-2017

Yes, your Remix OS image is not for Pinebook.

You haven't seen this:

RE: Issues booting remixOS image - Luke - 07-05-2017

Make sure to select Pinebook from the drop-down in the installer - see this thread