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paypal broken? - dkryder - 07-03-2017

is paypal not accepting pine64 orders? it works except when a buy is attempted.

RE: paypal broken? - silverknight - 07-03-2017

I have the same problem

RE: paypal broken? - KrYpToNiTe - 07-03-2017

(07-03-2017, 08:41 PM)dkryder Wrote: is paypal not accepting pine64 orders? it works except when a buy is attempted.

It's not working for me either, I get "Things don't appear to be working at the moment. Please try again later." each time I click proceed to paypal.

RE: paypal broken? - dkryder - 07-03-2017

try to make this buy, for the past 90 minutes. paypal c.s. says contact vendor
[Image: 2ntwj0y.jpg]

[Image: 111nfb6.png]

at this point if you want the sale email me a 10% coupon code. should be no problem since you been giving them away all last month. Smile

RE: paypal broken? - pgmy64 - 07-03-2017

Seems to works from my side.  Can you try again?

RE: paypal broken? - silverknight - 07-04-2017

It works again. Cheers !

RE: paypal broken? - stephen fleming - 07-04-2017

I had no problem logging on to PayPal when ordering a Rock64.

RE: paypal broken? - pfeerick - 07-04-2017

Probably just one of those ISP or region specific hiccups... it happens every now and again... and sometimes in the weirdest ways... wasn't able to access the eBay cart, buy or pay for items for five days, but could see listings, descpritions, etc. and log into paypal. Turns out my ISP must had some issue with their configuration (updates, changes, whatever) that broke just that part of eBay... (and implemented a workaround and appologised to customers for the interruption).