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Larger LCD touchscreen - stephen fleming - 06-12-2017

Are there any plans on introducing a larger LCD touchscreen? I used the 7 inch LCD touchscreen with Linux and decided that it was too small for me.

RE: Larger LCD touchscreen - mbt28 - 06-12-2017

Maybe you can use the screens they were using in the laptops. They are edp but you there are schematics you can make edp2dsi converter.

RE: Larger LCD touchscreen - xalius - 06-12-2017

Not out of the box, the LCD RGB interface is multiplexed with the RGMII interface for Gigabit Ethernet, so you can't use the same Analogix bridge...

RE: Larger LCD touchscreen - mbt28 - 06-13-2017


So do you mean some of the high speed ports shared with gigabit Ethernet due to that it is not possible to use the bridge?