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Audio Extractor - Ralck - 05-24-2017

Hey all,

First, I apologize if this is not in the right section.  Please move it if there is a better section!

Second, I did a search and from what I could tell, there was only one other thread regarding using an audio extractor and they never mentioned if they tried it or if it worked.

I recently bought one of those cheap audio extractors off Ebay to try to get optical audio to my receiver.  It doesn't have an option to pull the audio directly out of the HDMI signal.  Unfortunately, I cannot seem to get the device to work with the Pine.  It doesn't appear to ever negotiate the HDMI signal or something so it displays no video and no sound.  As a test, I used my laptop and it is able to display video and extract audio (albeit at only 2 channels) just fine.  Has anyone been successful in getting one of these devices to work?

I'm trying to use Android TV to use the Pine as an HTPC replacement.  I have never been able to get the analog audio jack to work either, if that makes any difference.  I bought my Pine (1GB model) through the kickstarter campaign.

Thanks in advance!

RE: Audio Extractor - dkryder - 05-25-2017

first, have the proper cables from source to extractor and from extractor to receiver. if you hook only tv to pine, what signal does tv report as receiving? if it is proper hdmi signal then hook pine64 hdmi to extractor. sidenote: i'm not too sure about your "extractor" if it has no option to extract audio from hdmi signal. anyway, if tv alone gets proper hdmi signal then so should "extractor" but if "extractor" can not "pull audio" from hdmi then you did buy a complete piece of cheap junk. but, if it seems to work with laptop then it's puzzling. maybe "extractor" expects hdmi 2.1 signal and pine64 puts out only hdmi 1.4 signal. i've never read the pine64 hdmi spec.