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RE: Error formatting Memory Card - jamesread90 - 07-06-2016

Another method to start fresh with a Micro SD or usb drive if you are on windows is the following:
1. Start> Run> diskpart
2. in the command prompt type 'list disk' (without the quotes), and identify the disk number.
3. type 'select disk #' (# = the disk number identified in previous step.)
4. type 'clean'
5. once that is compete, type 'create partition primary'.
6. close diskpart, go to explorer and double click your removable device, it will ask you to format it. Format to FAT32 or NTFS.
7. Proceed with using either Win32DiskImager or Phoenix to write your image to disk.

I hope this helps anyone else who had a few issues like i did after a few image burns gone bad. This resolved a lot of issues for me Smile.