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LCD Screen for running Octoprint - sb_88 - 03-13-2017


I'm planning to install Octoprint on my pine but not sure about the LCD screen. Based on my quick search, it's possible to install Octoprint on the pine but the LCD touch screen only works with Android. Can anyone point me in the right direction here?


RE: LCD Screen for running Octoprint - pfeerick - 03-13-2017

No, the LCD screen works on linux also. Luke is probably the most up to date on that as I haven't been following the LCD stuff of late. However, I believe it is simply a matter of changing a configuration value in the /boot/uEnv.txt file on the Armbian Ubuntu and debian releases.

Why did you want the LCD in this case... did you want to be able to run a web browser so you can see the octoprint dashboard from the machine that is running it? Just that is more common to see a octoprint box running completely headless, and connecting in from another device over the network.

RE: LCD Screen for running Octoprint - sb_88 - 03-14-2017

I understand, thanks!

I don't have an LCD screen on my printer to control it directly and I was hoping adding this screen would make it easier for me or someone else using the printer to control it.