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SoPine eMMC compatibility - Terra854 - 02-23-2017

Just wondering, for the eMMC, is this eMMC module from odroid compatible with the SoPine baseboard?

RE: SoPine eMMC compatibility - Luke - 03-22-2017

Not sure this means it works but ....

Quote:2017-03-20 16:22:54 <tllim> we have check the Odroid eMMC module able plug into Pinebook 

I presume the SoPine and PB use the same module. I will ask TL next time I see him on IRC

RE: SoPine eMMC compatibility - MTroy - 08-01-2018

Sry to answering an old post but, any news about it ?

RE: SoPine eMMC compatibility - paradise - 08-01-2018

If they are just eMMC compatible I don't see why not.

That thing looks pretty funny btw. :-)

Does it work when you put it on a generic USB -> eMMC adapter?

RE: SoPine eMMC compatibility - mcrognale - 02-20-2020

I purchased the 32GB eMMC from the store. I burned the SOPINE using an etcher program. Now I can’t get it to boot from the device. Help please.